We are here to help all the parents with their kids and to accept any suggestions regarding kids and their problems. Lets all work together to build a smart and peaceful nation.

You can contact us with any issues or challenges you are facing as a parent. You don’t necessarily have to be a “Tulips Parent”. If you do not want to reveal your identity while discussing a problem, you would not have to. Our analysts will be happy to get back to you with a solution or an easy option. If you want to attend one of the Parent’s Forum, please contact us, we will be happy to fix up a time for you. You can also call us at : 9903895535

Please remember, there is no “Right” or “Wrong” with kids and their behavior. In today’s changing world we need to find out new roads for particular challenges. Tulips Kids wants to help the society to help the blooming buds!

This forum will get enriched every time as we all give our input and discuss it over. In fact as parents we learn together from particular challenges.

In Tulips we feel these are our social responsibilities to give you support.


Tulips Parenting

Every parent wants to be the best parent. There are certain elements and a dedicated practice which make a parent skilled. Some healthy tips for parents:

  1. Remember that your child is unique : Parents should be sensitive and responsive to the individual strengths and needs of the child. When correcting his mistakes, do not impose by just saying, "Do not do this again”! Explain the reason in clear words.
  2. Playtime has a huge influence on a child's development. Encourage play and help blossom your child's personality. This helps them to work in groups, develop their imagination and practice decision-making.
  3. Avoid labeling your child with words like stupid, bossy, emotional, tough, smart, and lazy or anything. Never say, “You ask too many stupid questions”, this blocks the natural learning process and gives a feeling, “if one asks questions, he is a stupid boy”. In later life, he might really can turn out to be a stupid man. “Questioning is the sign of INTELLIGENCE not STUPIDITY! Do not avoid any question. If you don’t have the correct answer, tell him you will get back to him very soon, with the correct answer. Praise him instead for asking such a great question!
  4. Make sure your child has a healthy diet. Encourage healthy food and discourage junk food. A good food habit built at early age would help your kid to stay well for the rest of his life.
  5. Limit television watching and video game playing. Encourage some physical activity and encourage outdoor play.
  6. Insist on respect. They should be able to have respect for themselves and respect for others. Inculcate respect for woman.Help them to manage their anger and take life positively. Show respect, support and sympathy to the disabled. Help a blind man to cross the road.
  7. Be consistent. If you promise consequences for good or bad behaviour, then deliver it - every time. Don’t make any promises you would not be able to keep.
  8. Show your love and affection to your child. It surely would boost their confidence.
  9. Spend quality time with your child. Try to engage in board games, enjoy outdoor activities, or simply spend time talking with your children about anything and everything.
  10. Encourage reading. Develop a Daily Reading Routine. Try to read bedtime stories to your kids.
  11. Prepare your child for adulthood. Make a practice to have a healthy chat about the school, the people they meet and everything they do during the day. Discuss matters as they come with utmost patience. Give a feeling to your child, that you are his best friend. Talk to him more and more to know his world.
  12. Know your child deeply. Know about their hopes, dreams, and passions. Refrain from imposing your expectations on your child .Encourage them to pursue their own passions in life.
  13. Practice good manners in front of him, e.g: do not spit on road or throw even a chocolate wrap, child will learn to keep his surroundings clean.
  14. Teach the value of sharing. Share even the smallest biscuit with others.
  15. Help him to remove doubts and dust from his perceptions. But please do not impose your belief on him. Remember that the time is changing; today's belief will be outdated soon. But Values will remain Unchanged.
  16. Let him fall in love with nature and animals. He will respect the relationship and learn to love! You may not have pet at home, but show love to the animals around you. Be careful even while driving off a cow or street dog or crow from home: Avoid cruelty towards animals and plants around you.
  17. Never inflict psychological and physical pain, even if you are very angry. He will also not inflict pain to others. Teach him not to laugh or make fun at somebody’s pain. Tell him how painful it would be if someone gets hurt.
  18. Encourage trying new things, cuisines, places to discover the interesting world around him.
  19. Take a look at your own life. Set an example .You're the person your child sees and tries to imitate most of the time. If you want your child to be honest, you must be honest yourself. Never sought or misbehave with your house-maid or menial staff, tell your child how it will impact negatively in daily life in absence of them. Thank your staff profusely, when you get an opportunity. Child will learn to appreciate and be thankful.

Finally to help the smart parents of today’s smart kids, we have a unique singing session at Tulips Kids. Once every month we invite the parents to come to the classrooms, sit with the kids in circles and enact their favourite rhymes with them. Thus the parents can participate with their children, and learn to sing their child’s favorite rhymes and be part of their fun-life at Tulips Kids.